New treatment for varicose veins believed to be relatively painless, convenient

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Nearly half of all women and men will have varicose veins at some point in their lives. In the worst cases, varicose veins will look extremely enlarged and twisted. Doctors say they are often the result of damaged valves.

Dr. Ram Ravi of the North Ohio Vein Center in Westlake is performing a cutting edge treatment for varicose veins on hundreds of Northeast Ohioans suffering from the pain and discomfort that comes from having the damaged veins.

The varicose vein is not removed. It is simply closed off using a laser.

The varicose veins eventually disappear.

"When it is closing the vein, we slowly pull the laser out. So when it is coming - it closes the whole length of the vein. Once you take the laser out, the whole vein is closed," said Ravi.

Dr. Ravi says that getting rid of varicose veins isn't just something that's superficial - in many cases it's crucial for your circulation.

"If you look at the surface, you see the spider veins, but the problem is the underlying pathology where the cells aren't getting enough nutrients," added Ravi.

The treatment is done in a series of outpatient appointments. The procedure itself is fairly quick and can be done in about 45 minutes.

There is relatively no downtime. Patients must just restrain from strenuous activity for about a week.

The only pain comes from the application of a numbing agent where the vein will be accessed.

This varicose vein treatment is covered by most insurance companies.

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