RTA passengers react to public beating; officials discuss potential safety upgrades

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Adam Snyder is getting his first look at video as an RTA  driver is attacked.

It was stunning to him as it is to everyone who sees it.

In that video, Jamaur Raybon enters the bus and beats the driver with a brick as that driver fights for his life.

Snyder says, "You can't necessarily prevent those types of situations all the time."

RTA has cameras on all their buses and fortunately that made the difference in capturing Raybon. There was talk of installing safety glass but Linda Krecic with RTA says the union didn't want them because they were cumbersome.

"It has to be designed in a different way or separated completely like we have on our trains, so they have to continue to study," she said.

In the  meantime, passengers looking at the video continue to be disgusted by Raybon's actions.

"I think that's awful. I don't want my son taking the bus for sure."

"It's more scary for us to watch that happen. We could stop that, but we can get caught in the crossfire too."

"There's nothing you can really do; you can try and get off the bus."

For Adam Snyder, who takes the bus everyday, he'll continue to do so while watching out for himself and the bus driver,

"As a passenger I would be one of the people getting him off the bus," he said.

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