Should the Cleveland Cavaliers get a therapy dog to help JR Smith's game?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - JR Smith had one of this best games for the Cavaliers of the NBA season on Wednesday night, and it came after a therapy dog visited the team's morning meal and meetings.

Smith himself posted on Instagram that he has a new best friend named REMINGTON (yes it's spelled in all caps):

HomeRunREMI as he's called is so famous, even before kicking Smith's game in the tail, he even has his own Twitter page.

The dog is a part of the University of North Carolina Baseball team and is used as a therapy dog.

There may be a bone to pick with the idea of getting a dog for the Cavs when you compare Smith's numbers before and after the furry friend visit.

                     vs. Miami (3-27)       vs. Charlotte (3-28)

min.                                           16                                               31

Field goals                               1-4                                              8-9

Three pointers                         0-1                                              1-2

Rebounds                                   5                                                  1

Assists                                        0                                                  3

Steals                                          0                                                  3

Total points                                2                                                 19

Fans on social media say if it makes Smith bad to the bone, let's get Moondog a new friend, including a tweet from the agency that trained "HomerunREMI:

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