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Long before Chief Wahoo and the Cleveland Indians, there were the Naps and Molly McGuires

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The Cleveland Indians baseball team, dating back more than a century, had many name and logo changes in the early years of the organization, but none as controversial as the current-day Chief Wahoo logo.

The storied American League team was founded in 1901.

According to the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History from Case Western University:

  • 1901 to 1902 - The baseball team was originally named the Cleveland Blues, then the Cleveland Broncos.
  • 1903 to 1911 - The team then changed its name to the Cleveland Naps in honor of player-manager Napolean Lajoie.
  • 1912 to 1914 - The team was officially renamed the Cleveland Molly McGuires, but by popularity, was still referred to as the Naps. The Molly McGuires were a 19th century group of Irish immigrants known for labor rights and activism.
  • 1915 to present - The popular player Napolean Lajoie was traded. The team then became permanently known as the Cleveland Indians, a nickname used for Native American Louis Sockalexis when he played for the old National League team Cleveland Spiders.

While Cleveland Indians are ridding themselves of the Chief Wahoo logo at the end of the 2018 MLB season and keeping the name, a new poll suggests that Chief Wahoo is more popular than the "block-C" symbol.

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