Euclid Police deliver safety information door-to-door

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - The Euclid Police Department is teaming up with Cuyahoga County Safe Kids Safe Communities and State Farm to get potentially lifesaving information out to people who live in the area.

On Thursday morning, they arrived at Water's Edge Apartments in Euclid with a stack of ready-made door hangers.

The cards include information about apartment and road safety. Last year, 20 percent of automobile crashes in Euclid happened near the stretch of roads in front of the complex, Lake Shore Boulevard.

Ed Bonchak, part of Euclid Community Policing, told Cleveland 19 News they want to get safety tips to people who might otherwise miss it.

"Sometimes we don't know if they're getting our messages from our community policing unit, be it Facebook, Twitter, newsletter, whatever," said Boncak. "We want to really make an impact on the people who live along our coast here."

That includes people like Michael Payton, who says he already keeps his door locked and makes sure to use crosswalks, as the door hanger advises.

However, he said it's good information for people who need a reminder.

"It's definitely good for that. I mean, I guess some people don't think of stuff like that," said Payton.

The group also distributed the door hangers in the neighboring complex, Harbor's Crest. They say they want safety information to get to as many people as possible.

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