Dog teaches kids fire safety in a free, life-saving program

BARBERTON, OH (WOIO) - When you think of dogs and fire safety, a dalmatian may more easily come to mind instead of two black Labrador retrievers named Kasey and Kallie.

"The kids have adults stand in front of them and talk to them all day, every day. So, there's nothing new about that, but to have the dogs become the educators makes it more memorable," said Jeff Owens, the trainer who travels around the country putting on The Kasey Program. It's a fire prevention and safety program for preschool-aged kids up to sixth grade, sponsored by Koorsen Fire and Security.

Kasey and Kallie are official firefighters.

Jeff Owens is a retired firefighter from Indiana who trained them to also be teachers.

"They are trained search and rescue. So, they do search and rescue," said Owens.

Over the past two decades, trained dogs like Kasey and Kallie have taught five million people about fire and life safety through a performance called The Kasey Program.

Students at Barberton Elementary West in Barberton recently gathered in their cafeteria to take in the program.

The dogs show the kids how to stop, drop and roll, to never open a hot door and to crawl if they see smoke.

The Kasey Program has been proven to be effective - over a dozen children's lives have been saved as a result.

What do the kids think?

"It's really cool!" said Mason Nakovski, a student at Barberton Elementary West.

The Kasey Program is a free program that any school can request to have performed at their school. Click here for more information.

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