Family thought they were raising pet dog, turns out to be a black bear

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A family in China thought they were raising a cuddly, family dog. However, as the "dog" grew up, Duan and her family started to feel as if something wasn't right.

The dog continued to grow, and grew much larger than any dog they'd ever seen.

After researching, they realized their family pet was actually a black bear.

Duan's family caged the bear and asked zoos in China to help with the bear's care. No zoos were willing to take the bear in because they required the animal's official documents.

Eventually, Duan's father saw an advertisement for a wildlife protection campaign.

"It has already become part of the family, but we know that it is a wild animal and it should return to nature. Before, we were worried that it might not be able to adapt to the wild environment and survive, so we decided to hand it over to the forest police," Duan said.

The family handed the bear over to Chinese forest police for rehabilitation. It will eventually be reintroduced to the wild.

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