New $9M distillery for bourbon, whiskey, vodka, gin coming to Northeast Ohio winery (pictures)

CANTON, OH (WOIO) - The Canton winery, Gervasi Vineyard, has announced a major expansion project with a price tag of more than $9 million that will bring homemade spirits to its already amazing winery.

"The Still House at Gervasi Vineyard" will be a massive 10,000 square feet distillery capable of distilling all kinds of spirits like bourbon, whiskey, vodka, gin and select liquors and brandy.

When it opens in Late 2018, or early 2019, it will feature a wine barrel aged bourbon which is clearly a beautiful marriage of the old and new offerings at Gervasi.

The space will also include a cigar lounge at night and be used as coffee house during the day.

If you're thinking The Still House looks a bit like a church there's a reason for that.

"The church, which includes a bell tower, is the center of the town in small villages in Italy, so we felt it was a perfect fit on the Gervasi estate," according to Ted Swaldo, Owner and Proprietor of GV Destinations.

The massive 55 acre winery isn't stopping there.

Construction has also begun on "The Casa at Gervasi Vineyard."

It's an 18,000 sq. ft. luxury hotel adding 24 suites to its already stunning villas on the grounds.

The suites will be high-end and will include luxury king-sized beds, in room fireplaces, heated tile floors, heated towel bars and grand showers and more.

Exterior of The Still House:

Interior of The Still House:

Exterior of The Casa:

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