Korean War soldier's remains identified after 68 years

MAPLE HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - A Korean War solider will be buried in a Northfield cemetery on Saturday, nearly 70 years after he was killed in action in South Korea.

Pete Simon was 34 when he died in September 1950. His remains were discovered by a villager in a remote area, but they could not be identified.

The body was interred in Hawaii for over six decades, listed as "Unknown."

Recent advances in DNA technology, however, allowed for the identification of Simon.

He will be buried with full military honors, laid to rest next to other family members.

His surviving family, including his niece, say they're relieved he's finally come home.

"His mother died in 1965. She grieved all those years. Fifteen years she lived after he got killed, and she never got closure. I'm lucky and I'm glad that I lived long enough to see closure come into us," said Dolores Soltesz, Simon's niece, who lives in Maple Heights.

More than 7,700 Americans are unaccounted for from the Korean War.

Their names are listed on the Walls of the Courts of the Missing at the National Memorial Cemetery in Honolulu, where Simon's body rested for the last several decades.

Now that he has been accounted for, a rosette will be placed next to his name, to indicate that.

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