OhioGuidestone's Workforce 360 program building new paths to success: Romona's Kids

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Sometimes teenagers have to take a pause in their education, making it tough to overcome the challenges they're facing. But there's now a Cleveland  program that's helping them get back on their feet.

OhioGuidestone's "Workforce 360" gives job training, placement and support to students, and even helps them earn their GED, if needed.

Lorenzo Bryant said it gave him a second chance at life.

"I look at life totally different from how I used to look at it, it made me more mature and got me ready and mentally prepared for the job I have right now," said Bryant. "I'm a plumber's apprentice so it helped me get into my career."

Victoria Marks is now well on her way to a home health aide job.

"I had a son and it was hard to continue to go to college," said Marks. "I was working at Burger King so I thought, I need more from live and they helped me understand that it's about getting up and trying and you are worth what you worked hard to do."

Shamonie Crockett wants to start her own construction business and is interviewing for an apprenticeship.

"It's more like a family bond, they don't let you down, they do whatever they can to help you and push you to do what you want to do and they let you know that the sky's the limit, there's no stopping," said Crockett.

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