People across the country learn to save lives for National Stop the Bleed Day

MEDINA, OH (WOIO) - Saturday is National Stop the Bleed Day.

First responders all over the world are taking classes on how to stop bleeding in the event of an emergency.

That's exactly what took place today at Cleveland Clinic Medina hospital.

"Everyone has that one accident on the Highway or their loved one has had an injury," said Flight Paramedic, J.R. Sesock.

Sesock as well as others with the hospital are doing what they can to teach people what to do in those situations.

"This is the initial education for everybody to have that training," said Sesock.

However, first responders weren't the only pupils you saw in the class.

A handful of Medina County Explorers like high school sophomore, Jewell Strock were on sight learning the skills of hemorrhage control, tourniquet use, and other ways to stop blood from flowing in an emergency.

"It could be a possible life or death matter. To have those skills to save someone it's important," said Strock.

"Within the community itself, it's the regular people that are gonna save lives," said Sesock.

If not now, then maybe one day in the future.

"I hope that with practice that we'll be able to confidently perform these skills to help somebody," said Strock.

Even though today was the national stop the bleed initiative that doesn't mean that organizers aren't constantly teaching these skills year round.

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