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Brecksville bald eagle chick at Cleveland Metroparks could be visible soon

(Source: Facebook/Cleveland Metroparks) (Source: Facebook/Cleveland Metroparks)

Bird watchers and naturalists are patiently waiting for a bald eagle chick's first appearance from its nest at Cleveland Metroparks' Brecksville Reservation.

According to Metroparks officials, the bald eagles at the Brecksville nest have been exhibiting behavior recently that is associated with the hatching of an egg.

A bald eagle egg typically hatches after 35 days of incubation. If an egg hatches, the chick will likely still be too small to be seen in the nest at this time.

The Brecksville Reservation bald eagles have nested in the Cuyahoga Valley for 12 years.

Once considered endangered, the bald eagle population has made a recent comeback in Ohio. In 1979, an estimated four breeding pairs resided in Ohio. In 2017, an estimated 221 pairs existed in Ohio.

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, a pair of eagles tend to build a nest between October and early December. Then, the female eagle lays one to three eggs in mid-February to late March.

Trail access is limited at the reservation while the bald eagles are nesting. The nest can still be seen from other areas throughout the park.

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