Multiple Cleveland homes sprayed with bullets Easter night

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - People are on edge in their own homes.

Several houses all over Cleveland were sprayed with bullets on Easter night.

Thankfully no one was hurt, which was a miracle in itself.

Crime reports indicate over 5 shootings of either homes or vehicles, took place on both the East and West Sides.

Cleveland 19 News spoke to one of those victims. She has no idea why her home was a target.

"They went bang, bang, bang, bang. Before I know it I hear something like it's going through my ceiling," said Cleveland resident, Rachel Davis.

72-year-old Davis recalls the moment she heard shots being fired into her West 98th home.

"I thought, 'Whoa I hope it doesn't come through here.' It was upstairs," Davis continued.

Her neighbor who lives in the duplex above was even more frightened.

"She's got two children and they were afraid. They were like oooh we're afraid," said Davis.

Thankfully no one was hurt. However, Davis' home wasn't the only home targeted by what seems to be a random shooter.

"Somebody went around and did this. They said the shots came from down the street I think," said Davis.

Several homes on the street were hit in a similar fashion.

One man who wished not to be on camera showed us where a bullet went into one side of his car and came out the other.

"I hear gunshots going off left and right around here," recalled Davis.

Unfortunately, the chaos didn't stop on the West Side.

At least two more homes were hit across town on the East Side around the same time. One home on East 143rd Street was shot nearly 20 times.

"Somebody's after somebody. I don't know what's going on," said Davis.

In the meantime, Davis is considering moving to another area, though she's not fearful for her life because incidents like this are becoming normal.

"They say this is a bad neighborhood but I ain't afraid," said Davis.

Right now police aren't saying whether the shootings are connected in any way.

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