2 companies in court for rights to 'Believeland'

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Two Companies are officially battling for the rights to the popular phrase "Believeland."

One's a t-shirt and memorabilia company, the other a popular beer fest.

Here's the catch, neither are based in Cleveland.

Believeland L.T.D is mainly a T-shirt company based out of Marrietta, Ga.

They're suing the Organizers of the upcoming Believeland Beer Fest based out of Chicago.

It's a term that has become synonymous with the Cleveland sports community.

"Believeland is simply trying to grasp on to any hope," said one Cleveland Browns Fan.

But now lawyers are dueling over the popular term.

Believeland L.T.D in Marrietta is claiming the trademarked phrase is illegally being used by Believeland Beer Fest, a Company based in Chicago.

"I always assumed it was a touring thing because they've been doing it the past couple of years," said the Browns Fan.

Although the beer fest is annually held in Cleveland, they're still facing a lawsuit for an undisclosed amount for allegedly selling merchandise bearing the phrase without permission.

But what do people actually living in "Believeland" have to say about the suit?

"If you wanna say that you have a Believeland in Georgia or a believeland in Chicago... It doesn't exist," said a Cleveland Cavaliers fan.

"Like this is more than Chicago and more than what was the other spot? Marrietta, Ga. Believeland, Ohio... You're living in it," said the Browns Fan.

Believeland Beer Fest is scheduled to take place April 28 at the Huntington Convention center downtown.

But we'll see what happens as Believeland L.T.D is asking the courts to ban the Beer Festival from using the term altogether.

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