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Teacher's photo showing need for school funding goes viral as Oklahoma wage walkouts continue

(Source: Facebook) (Source: Facebook)

An Oklahoma teacher's photo on Facebook portraying the need for education funding has gone viral with over 75,000 shares on social media.

Laurissa Kovacs, a fourth-year teacher, posted the photo on Facebook and explained her reasoning for walking out for higher pay.

Ok here’s my story and why I’m walking out. This is my fourth year teaching in Oklahoma and after taxes and insurance I take home $2,311 a month, $27,732 a year. I could make about 20 grand more by moving to Texas or Arkansas, and many teachers are doing just that. Oklahoma is losing qualified teachers every day. These kids deserve the opportunity of a great education but we cannot give them that if all our teachers are emergency certified or completely over worked.

I teach six classes each day. As of today this is how many students I have in art class:
2nd Hour- 30 students 
3rd Hour- 27 students
4th Hour- 32 students 
5th Hour- 19 students 
6th Hour- 23 students
7th Hour- 30 students

This is way too many students for one class.

Kovacs details how she has had to cut back on projects and lessons because there is not enough room or equipment for students. She has had to bring in chairs from home so that all the students have a seat to sit in.

"These kids deserve so much better than this," Kovacs wrote on Facebook. "They deserve classes that are small enough that the teachers can actually spend some time with each student."

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The post has received so much attention, Kovacs created an Amazon registry because so many people have asked if they can donate supplies for the schoolroom.

Many schools will remain closed for a second day in Oklahoma Tuesday as the rallies continue.

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