Be kind to spiders, seriously, it's a thing

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - National Be Kind to Spiders week is a real thing. April 1 to April 7 is your chance to befriend that arachnid that is spinning a web in the corner of your living room, or occupying space between the rails on the deck.

Yes, there are advantages to spiders. Kristy Becka, amphibian, reptile and invertebrate keeper with the Cleveland RainForest, touts having a spider or two in your home. "Spiders control pests in our homes," Becka says. "They eat roaches, moths and even bed bugs."

"I would leave the spiders alone and let them do what they do," Becka said. "But if you can't stand having them in your home, you can always put them in the garage." Becka cautioned putting the spiders outside in the cold where they may not survive.

No worries, while there are somewhere around 43,000 varieties of spiders less than 30 are responsible for human deaths. If you live in Ohio you really only have to be concerned about the recluse spider and the widow spider.

Spiders help control the population of aphids (those piercing small sap-sucking insects that infest your plants), mosquitoes and cockroaches. Keeping a few spiders in the house keeps flies to a minimum.

Spiders live on every continent on the planet except Antarctica. So yes, you could escape the eight legged weaver of silk, but plan on wearing a parka for much of the year.

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