'I'll be damned...': LeBron irked over Nick Saban's reaction to 'Uninterrupted' lawsuit

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - LeBron James isn't happy with Nick Saban's latest comments over a lawsuit that alleges the University of Alabama's "Shop Talk" is infringing upon James' "Uninterrupted" show.

Both shows are centered in a barbershop where athletes and coaches have laid-back conversation in a familiar setting.

Here's what Saban had to say Tuesday regarding the lawsuit:

In response, James offered the following Tuesday night in the locker room:

"I respect him as a coach, but I'll be damned if I allow someone to use our platform and try to do the same thing we're doing, and you know, just think it's OK. The lawyers will figure it out."

For reference, here's a preview of Shop Talk:

The first episode included Atlanta wideout and former Tide player, Julio Jones, Nick Saban and a host of others talking about their playing days and off-the-field topics.

According to USA Today a part of the lawsuit reads:

"Your continued exploitation of 'Shop Talk' infringes 'Uninterrupted's' copyright, trademark rights and other valuable intellectual property rights in 'The Shop' and significantly damages 'Uninterrupted's' commercial prospects for 'The Shop.'"

Josh Tarnow, head of Uninterrupted's business and legal affairs wrote:

"Rather than get into a 'battle of legal letters,' or rushing into legal proceedings, we think it would be beneficial for you to please provide Uninterrupted with a copy of the complete episode 1 of Shop Talk to review and to then have a conversation about how to address Uninterrupted's concerns amicably."

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