High winds bring back tornado memories in Richland County

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The high winds on Wednesday likely produced high anxiety for some people in Richland County.

But probably no one like John Cooper, his wife and two children.

It has been 6 months since an EF2 tornado tore Cooper family's home.

Winds hit 130 miles per hour.

The work to rebuild it continues as do the haunting memories of the storm.

It hit at 10:52 and a broken family clock sat frozen in time, thrown there by the wind.

The Coopers aren't back in their home yet. It is being rebuilt.

"We knew we were in trouble when the wind just kept getting stronger and stronger and then we heard like a loud boom and then all the windows started breaking. It was a tremendous sound, you just can't explain it," John Cooper said.

The night of the storm, County EMA Director Mike Bailey got a call about the Coopers, a message that they were trapped.

His heart sunk when he arrived at the home, seeing the damage.

"The Cooper family, they were actually standing there in the yard.  Relief needless to say on my part to see them all standing there, all four of em," Bailey said.

Bailey found Mrs. Cooper holding onto her daughter.  They had been sucked out of the collapsing house so he asked where she found the child.  Bailey said she had an amazing story.

"When she was actually vaulted out of the back yard by the winds she actually held onto her daughter," Bailey said.

The lay of the land on Hook Road tells another story.  The Cooper's home was obliterated.

Across the street maybe a football field away a home was untouched.

It underscores the unpredictability of storms and the need to be prepared.

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