Undead raccoons take over Youngstown neighborhood

Undead raccoons take over Youngstown neighborhood
File photo. This is not an angry pic of the St. Paul Tower raccoon.(Source: Robert Coggeshall)

YOUNGSTOWN, OH (WOIO) - Raccoons raged through Youngstown over the weekend, scaring residents and dodging police.

Officers had their hands full as several of the zombie-like critters alarmed homeowners as they stood on their hind legs, grinned and tipped over into coma-like states.

In fact, according to police reports, more than a dozen residents called the department saying the raccoons were screeching and sprinting around in the daylight, even though they're nocturnal.

"I looked over there and got distracted because I saw a raccoon coming our way," said Robert Coggeshall to WKBN-Youngstown, whose playtime with his dogs was interrupted by a feisty raccoon last week.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources said it doesn't sound like rabies, but rather a disease called distemper.

The diseased raccoons have been put down, and the distemper likely won't spread to other local raccoon populations.

Case closed.

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