Clevelanders in search of spring break fun settle for indoor getaways

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - Spring has always been a hit-or-miss proposition, and this spring, it has mostly been a big, wet, cold miss.

Our weather has not exactly been conducive, for spring breakers, to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

But the people who run those indoor activity centers are certainly enjoying the added business.

Business is booming at the Make Believe Family Fun Center in Parma where we found Katie Armenta and her daughter Natalia enjoying a day off from school, even if they could not get outside.

"It's like the never ending winter, it's like January Hundredth or something," Katie said while laughing at the truth and absurdity of her statement.

There is plenty to do at the Family Fun Center, including bowling, wall climbing, a ball pit, bumper cars, a rope maze and laser tag just to name a few of the activities that are a lot of fun.

But in Northeast Ohio when the calendar flips to April there is a real push to get outside, and when you can't, cabin fever soon takes hold.

"We had to cancel soccer practice today so that was a bummer," Katie said.

Natalia was having plenty of fun but was bummed out that soccer was canceled.

"It's spring, I want it to be all bloomy and sunny," she said.

And no explanation of the word "bloomy" is needed.

We all get it.

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