EPA checking out human waste on Ashland County property

ASHLAND COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Agents with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be in Sullivan Township Friday, to inspect a property where treated human waste from Rocky River has been left in a pile since Monday.

According to Sullivan Township Trustee Duane Jenkins, township officials just learned Monday a permit for the human waste had been issued for the field located at Township Road 581.

However, according to the permit, the human waste is supposed to be spread out in the field and not left in a pile.

"I don't want to cause panic but the last thing we need is for this to penetrate the ground water and end up in the wells," said Jenkins. "If the Ohio EPA had included us we could have told them that the water flows into tributaries of the black river and this is a flood prone area."

And, with all of the recent rain, Jenkins says the human waste has been running off the property and into a waterway on the field.  According to Jenkins, the waterway leads to other local streams where livestock drink from and also people's drinking wells.

Jenkins says EPA agents advised him to shut down the roads and all access to the property until Friday's inspection.

Cleveland 19 spoke with a man who owns a farm near the dump site, he tells us he is very worried about run-off into a large pond on his property and called the situation completely unacceptable and assumes it's dangerous.

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