A photo weather timeline for the Cleveland Indians Home Opener April 4 (gallery)

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's yet another home opener in Cleveland where the whether may play as big a roll as the starting lineups.

According to the Cleveland 19 Weather team:

With the cold, and the hope of a dry afternoon, Cleveland 19 wanted to know when and how the Cleveland Indians front office makes the decision to cancel or postpone a Home Opener.

Two years ago the Tribe kept pushing the start time of the game back because of weather and ultimately canceled the game.

It was played the next day and to make it up to fans they were allowed to pick two games during the season .

Some fans who took the day off that year, paid to park and waited through each delay were not happy about the way the Indians strung the decision out.

So faced with some weather uncertainty again this year we asked if canceling the on Thursday would be an option.

"We're going to do everything we can to play [the April 6 Home Opener] game and with weather being unpredictable it's highly unlikely we'll make the call [Thursday]," according to the Indians front office.

Cleveland 19 then followed-up with several questions on the process of the decision:

  • What happens first thing in the morning when looking at a weather situation? Is there a conference call, meeting, etc.?
  • Who makes the final call?
  • Is there an on staff meteorologist? Who do you consult?
  • Is there a policy of making the final call one hour before the game, or 2 hours, or 3 hours?

The reply we got was that the Indians were not going to get into that level of detail.

In an email the front office did say, "We'll be monitoring the forecast and taking all factors into consideration (Player Safety, Playing Conditions, Fan Comfort/Service Considerations)."

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