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Cleveland 19 viewers deliver insights, stir debate over hot-button issues – what’s your take? (Editorial)

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A couple recent Editorials have gotten a lot of response from viewers.

Aniya Day-Garrett’s death has touched a nerve for many. One viewer wrote me “…this poor baby deserved better from the adults (whose) profession and task it was to protect her.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Meanwhile, last week’s Editorial on the boom in fake news got a lot of feedback as well. One viewer emailed, “People believing everything that they see on the Internet shows the lack of truly caring about the true issues at hand.”

Others put the blame on the media: “The news media’s job is to give a fair and balanced view of the news. And the media isn’t doing that.”

I’d say that’s fair. All of us have to continue to work as hard as we can to be truly fair and truly balanced.

All of us can think of some national networks that don’t do that, but at least we know who they arethey aren’t anonymous internet posters with no names who carry no guarantee if they’re even real or not.

Over on the always cheery Facebook, the reception was mixed.

One poster says, “Get off your moral high horse.” Another said “I could care less about Photoshop images.”

Among all the agreements and disagreements, one poster hit it on the head for me: “...let’s just stop posting politics on Facebook.”

I don’t think that’s coming our way anytime soon, but I sure like how it sounds.

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