Vermilion woman comforts families of fallen officers with quilts

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - One Vermilion woman is doing all she can to comfort families of officers killed in the line of duty.

Donna Marsinick is the mother of a local police officer. Her goal is to make a quilt for every officer who's life is taken while walking the thin blue line.

"David Fahey had died out on Route 90. So I felt bad for his mom. So I told his mother that I'm gonna make him a quilt," said Marsinick.

However she thought about the countless others in that same position. That's when she realized she had a greater purpose.

"I saw these stories of these officers that died in the line of duty and I thought maybe I'll just do Ohio," Marsinick recalls.

It's since then turned into a nationwide effort. So far she's made quilts for the families of 16 officers across the country.

"California, Colorado, Florida, Texas, Missouri and the list goes on," she said.

But the cost of just one quilt isn't cheap. It costs about $80 to make a quilt and $20 to ship.

In total each quilt is about $100, not including the time spent making the quilt.

Now she's looking for as much help as possible to make sure sure she can still comfort those feeling the void of those who vowed to protect and serve... all while working a full time job.

"I'm just asking people who have this in in their hearts to help me. That way I can keep doing it and keep doing it," said Marsinick.

If you'd like to help Mrs. Marsinick continue to create these quilts, you can click the link here.

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