Fencing saves driver from plunging off Valley View Bridge

VALLEY VIEW, OH (WOIO) - A driver is lucky to be alive after a car traveling eastbound on the Valley View Bridge crashed and nearly fell off the side.

In December, ODOT installed an extra three feet of fencing to the sides of the I-480 bridge in preparation for bridge construction. It's possible the new fencing saved the driver's life.

"That three-foot extension makes it now the standard height, so now all the improved fencing that goes on Ohio bridges is the standard height and so that lengthened fence is the standard height," said ODOT District 12 Public Information Officer Marissa McDaid.

If it wasn't for the 10-foot fence, there's a good chance the car would've come crashing down more than 200 feet and landed in the composting facility below.

Seven years ago, a deadly crash happened in the same spot. A semi-truck driver died when his truck jackknifed. The cab plummeted off the side of the bridge.

Since then, ODOT workers said they haven't seen any accidents as serious.

About 180,000 cars drive the more than 40-year-old bridge every single day.

ODOT said the bridge's contractor will fix the fence as soon as possible.

Cleveland 19 News stopped by the Valley View Police Department to learn more about what caused the crash, but the police report wasn't ready yet.

Officers said the driver was taken to the hospital, but will recover.

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