Join Shelby Miller as she trains for the Cleveland Marathon: Week 6

Join Shelby Miller as she trains for the Cleveland Marathon: Week 6
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Week six means I'm officially halfway through Cleveland Marathon training!

This week has been a down week in the training cycle, which means mileage is lower and I have more rest days (yay!)

In the past, I would've skipped the rest and kept training just as hard. This time, I'm taking advantage of the recovery days because I realize how important they are to becoming the best athlete I can be.

I did a bit of research about the importance of lower impact training weeks. Many doctors say down weeks help runners avoid injury, fatigue and overtraining. They also help boost recovery.

Last week's long run was 8 miles, which I finally did outside! Whereas this week's long run is only a 5K. Next week the mileage cranks back up to 9 miles (which is so close to the 13.1 I'll have to do on race day!)

There are so many races you can take part in for the Cleveland Marathon Series and there's still time to sign up! Use promo code "SMILLER10" for 10 percent off any entry fees. The code is good for all distances and can be used multiple times for multiple entries.

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