VR gives people first hand look at new hyperloop travel

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - We first reported to you month ago a new way to travel that could get you from Cleveland to Chicago in just 30 minutes.

Friday developers gave people a closer look at that new hyperloop technology.

It was all thanks to Virtual Reality Technology that people were able to see what things would be like from an inside perspective.

This new innovation will allow people to travels hundreds of miles in a mere matter of minutes.

Developers are talking about creating one of those hyperloops in the Buckeye State that would get you from Cleveland to Chicago in just a little under thirty minutes.

Those who gave it a try say it's nothing short of remarkable.

"I can envision something like this. It seems like it could go alongside the highway system so you're not taking over new land but redesigning this space that's already been designated to our highway system. It could work," said Alan Applegate.

Developers are still in the early stages of the hyperloop.

Right now studies are being conducted to see what would make it most effective.

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