Cleveland drivers reportedly dash for cash as money spills onto I-71

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Were you driving southbound on I-71 on Monday afternoon around 2:30 p.m.?

If so, you may have seen it -- the money -- hundreds of $100 bills floating through the air.

"The money was just coming out of the window, just pouring out in a big flutter, it was crazy," says Rhonda Merwarth, who witnessed the cash fly.

Merwarth was riding in a car with a friend who first noticed the cash pouring out of the window of a car in front of them.

Merwarth's friend knew they were hundreds because of the distinct coloring of the $100 bills, "There were lots of them they were all over the place, I couldn't tell how many thousands it had to be," she said.

They thought of slowing down, but were worried with everyone so distracted that may be dangerous, and they didn't dare stop and get out and try and scoop up some cash.

"Oh no, we did for a moment, but I was like: do I really want to play Frogger out here on 71?" Merwarth said.

As they kept driving the money kept coming, this wasn't just for a second or two, money was flowing from about West 130th all the way past West 150th.

"It was crazy, it was like money just everywhere it looked like out of a movie, I don't even know how better to describe it. It was insane," Merwarth said.

Whose money was it? Where did it come from? Police had nothing to say about either subject.

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