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Cavs fans fight back: LeBron James billboard campaign goes up in Philadelphia

(Source: Acclaim Communications LLC) (Source: Acclaim Communications LLC)

Billboards with messages attempting to lure LeBron James away from Cleveland during free agency have gone up across the country, but now Cavs fans are fighting back.

In February, a Philadelphia business placed billboards along I-480 in Northeast Ohio asking James to join the Philadelphia 76ers.

Now, Ohio-based Global Marketing Partners retaliated by placing two billboards along I-95 in Philadelphia near the Wells Fargo Center, the home of the 76ers.

One of the signs reads "Noted King Hater" with an arrow pointing to an image of Benjamin Franklin. The other reads "Philly Has a Bad History with Royalty."

“Lebron means so much to the people of Ohio,” James Betschel said, avid Cavs fan and CEO of Global Marketing Partners. “I just wanted to remind him that the grass might look greener, but there’s no love like hometown love and no substitute for the kind of multigenerational legacy he has crafted in Cleveland.”

Since the first billboards wooing James have been installed, other campaigns have gone up in New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, and Akron.

James has the option to opt out of his final contract year with the Cavaliers and join another team during the 2018 offseason.

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