This is bananas! The crazy numbers behind the Cleveland Marathon

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - This story about the 2018 Cleveland Marathon, being run on May 20, is going to be all about the numbers behind the massive event.

"It is a year-long planning process and we want to get it perfect," Joan Freese said who is the Director of Runner Services and Communications for the race.

The numbers are astounding when you look at everything needed to get the job done.

  • 21,000 water bottles 2,000 gallons of water will be consumed at the finish line.
  • 17,500 bananas Runners love to eat bananas as a way to replace certain vitamins lost through sweating.
  • 14,400 cookies When you run 26.2 miles you're going to need a little sugar reward.
  • 138 portable toilets Elite runners can finish a marathon in a little over two hours, walkers will take about 8 hours and you made need a bathroom break.
  • 40 years This is the 40th year for the Cleveland Marathon which makes it one of the 50th oldest marathons in the country.
  • 2 weeks Barriers for the course are staged two weeks in advance.
  • 12 hours It takes 12 hours to get the whole course picked up and opened back up to traffic.
  • 200+ off duty officers The amount of officers it takes to secure the course, paid for by the marathon.
  • 15,000 shirts The marathon will hand out shirts to all racers.
  • 14,000 medals The amount of medals that will be handed out to finishers.

All of those numbers sets the stage for a massive organizing project before hand.

"Plus we have to order many supplies far in advance and forecasting can be difficult. Not only is it based on actual participants but weather and other factors," Freese said.

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