Lorain Holocaust Remembrance Day features survivor who escaped Nazi death squad

PEPPER PIKE, OH (WOIO) - A female Holocaust survivor will speak for the first time at Holocaust Remembrance Day Wednesday night at Lorain High School.

Nina Frankel will address the crowd at 7 p.m., sharing her stories as a survivor of the Holocaust, which killed her entire family.

Frankel was born in Poland -- near the border with Russia -- and says when Nazis invaded the country, she and her family were sent to work camps.

At one point, she was stood in a line with many other people from the village, as Nazis executed them. Somehow, she says, the bullets missed her and she survived.

"I was on the side with my father, and they were shooting, and everybody fell down to the ditch. Happened that the bullet did not hit me and I fell into this ditch," remembered Frankel.

She says it is still very difficult for her to discuss her experiences, but does it today because there are fewer living survivors of the Holocaust, and she wants to make sure their stories are told.

Frankel will speak Wednesday at 7 P.M. at Lorain High School.

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