It's National Pet Day April 11, love for the four legged

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - "I love every minute of it."

That's how American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals kennel worker Rachel Kirkwood describes her job at the Parma shelter. "It's rewarding, I can go home every night knowing that I did my best to take care of each and every dog here," Kirkwood said.

The thirteen-year-old ASPCA shelter provides services to pet owners as well as makes animals available for adoption. April 10 is ASPCA Day, ironically the day before National Pet Day, April 11. National Pet Day encourages everyone to pay special attention to the health and welfare of pets in need. Jeff Kocian, Executive Director for the Ohio ASPCA sings the praises for shelters like his own that provide for adoption at 1/3 the cost of buying at a traditional pet store.

"Monetarily it's a great bargain, second, you're saving a life," Kocian said.

Why adopt and not shop? "I believe people should adopt and not shop because there are so many dogs being euthenized," Kirkwood argues.

"We are a no kill shelter, which means we are taking in animals that can be adopted," Kocian said.

The Parma ASPCA adopts out approximately 1,500 dogs a year and over 1,000 cats and other critters.

THE ASPCA was founded on April 10 by a former diplomat Henry Bergh. Bergh argued for the humane treatment of animals after being stationed in Russia and witnessing the cruel treatment if work horses. He returned to America and began a campaign to reform laws protecting "these mute servants of mankind."