Contentious North Ridgeville party barn stalled by planning commission

Contentious North Ridgeville party barn stalled by planning commission
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NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Applause echoed throughout North Ridgeville City Hall Tuesday evening as residents felt a step closer to keeping their neighborhood fully residential.

"We bought there because it was residential. I pray you don't not allow this to through," said a resident.

The issue is a red barn on Case Road, which has become the center of a now city-wide debate.

"I want to put to rest the rumors we want to hold drunken ragers every night. That's not the plan," said owner Kim Lucas.

Lucas owns the property. Her family hopes to rezone the spot and turn a barn and nearby four bedroom home into a bed and breakfast and event center, but many who live nearby said they don't support the change.

"It's terrible and I just pray that y'all don't allow this, please," said a resident.

The Lucas family wants to rezone the property from residential to neighborhood business. If it works, they want to hold small events in the barn, like birthday parties and bridal showers.

The family said some people who live nearby are overreacting.

"What we're proposing to do here is no different than Avalon holding a block party. Than someone holding a graduation party," said family member Ken Lucas.

However, many residents, including those on Avalon Drive, call the issue spot zoning. Many don't want a business going up near their homes.

"Once the decision is made, there is no going back for the 400 homes and 800 residents I represent," said an Avalon homeowner.

"That's a backyard where we're supposed to have a serene backyard, not where there's 100 people," said a resident.

This issue is going to be addressed at City Council Monday and again May 7. Council can overrule planning commission's recommendation.

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