Is Cuyahoga County getting shortchanged in State Capital Appropriations budget?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A story making news in Columbus has gotten a lot of attention in the Cleveland arts community.  The reason is because it gives a misleading picture of state funding to a local museum.

The story asked people in Franklin County if they thought it was good for state dollars to be spent on the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, a museum they may never go to.

A deep dive into the numbers shows how money from the State Capital Appropriation budget is spent.

The budget is huge, funding all kinds of projects in all of Ohio's counties.

Veterans services, community colleges, historic preservations, ODNR, and yes museums like the Cleveland Museum of Art among others.

In the current budget it will get $1.1 million dollars for expansion.

People come from around the world because it is one of the worlds great institutions.

Is it money well spent.

Not according to a Columbus TV station who calls state funded projects here Pork projects, specifically pointing out that the Cleveland Museum of Natural History was given a total of $3.3 million dollars.

$2.5 of it for it's expansion. One reason it is money well spent according to Assembly member Tom Patton is that adding a parking garage will ease congestion and access to the museum and provide a revenue stream.

So lets go back to the question, why should Columbus care that the state spent money here?  Plenty is spent there. The same state fund provided $5 million to COSI, Columbus' science museum.

Do you think you'll ever travel to New Albany to see the Charlene and Charles Hinson Amphitheater.

Probably not.  It got a million dollars. Here is the real bottom line.

Facilities construction gave a total of $67,757,303 to Cuyahoga County agencies Franklin County was handed $ 249,708,429, almost a quarter billion dollars.

The per resident breakout is even more compelling.  In Cuyahoga County we got $53.30 per person.

In Franklin County each person got $198.00.  Well over three and a half times people here got.

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