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Driving Cleveland crazy: Neighbors concerned they'll be hit at dangerous crosswalk

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It's being deemed a dangerous intersection in the South Collinwood neighborhood.

Neighbors alerted Cleveland 19 about a crosswalk concern at the intersection of East 152nd Street and School Avenue.

Pedestrians said they fear they will get hit crossing at the intersection because drivers aren't stopping before the crosswalk.

Drivers told Cleveland 19 News that there is a blind spot at the intersection because a building is blocking the view of oncoming traffic.

Neighbors want to know why the city of Cleveland took down a traffic signal a few years ago and put up a stop sign instead.

The city took down the traffic signal because “it was part of the requirements from ODOT.”

Drivers need to stop before the crosswalk, even if there is a blind spot because of the building.

City officials said drivers should stop at the crosswalk, then inch up forward over the crosswalk to see oncoming traffic. They also say they plan to fix this situation with additional plans that will be revealed in the future.

The city added officers will be patrolling the area more often

Neighbors tell Cleveland 19 news they aren’t backing down until the city fixes the crosswalk.

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