Beware of Hamilton tickets already being sold for Cleveland run in Playhouse Square

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The hottest ticket in Cleveland doesn't even go on sale to the public until Friday morning, but there are already hundreds of tickets for sale on the secondary market.

How is that possible?

Playhouse Square season ticket holders have already been given the opportunity to buy, and received their tickets for Hamilton.

Which means those who don't care to see the show, or looking to make a few hundred dollars, may have turned to secondary ticket sites like StubHub or VividSeats to sell them.

Cindi Szymanski with Playhouse Square warns there's no way to verify if those are legitimate tickets.

"Tickets they find through sources other than Playhouse Square are much more likely to be fraudulent than real," Szymanski said.

She went on to say some of the tickets being sold already, are by people who are hoping, and banking your money, on the chance they purchase tickets when they go on sale Friday

Somebody is making a whole lotta money!

When tickets do go on sale through Playhouse Square at 9 a.m. Friday the price range is $60-$155. The only other price is $435 for tickets closest to the stage and the balcony loge boxes.

When you check StubHub for opening night, July 17, what would be a $60 ticket for nosebleed seats in the back, is now going for $450 as of Thursday afternoon.

That original $435 close to the stage ticket, is going for as high as $2000.

Indians vs. Cub Flashback

Because of the huge amount of Chicago Cubs fans that invaded Progressive Field during the 2016 World Series, the Indians started tracking season ticket holders who were selling more than half of tickets on the secondary market during the 2017 playoffs, and threatened to revoke tickets for those caught.

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Szymanski says they have a similar policy for Playhouse Square season ticket holders but admitted until it is illegal to sell tickets for way over face value online, there's not much they can do to enforce it.

But again, buyer beware according to Playhouse officials.

"Playhouse Square is unable to reprint or replace lost, stolen or fraudulent tickets and is unable to contact them with information regarding time changes or other updates regarding the performance and, of course, they run the risk of overpaying," Szymanski said.

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