George Hill is looking forward to playing against his home state

George Hill's accolades as an IUPUI Jaguar (IUPUI basketball)
George Hill's accolades as an IUPUI Jaguar (IUPUI basketball)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Sunday, the Cleveland Cavaliers tip off against an old familiar foe, the Indiana Pacers.

This is a pretty big match up for many reasons, but one that may go unnoticed is that it's the birthplace of Cavs' guard George Hill.

Hill is looking forward to the long awaiting match-up, he played for the Pacers for five seasons (2011-2016) and it's also the place he grew up.

He lives and breathes Indiana, growing up and playing basketball there was all he knew until he crossed the street to attend Indiana Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis.

He goes by the moniker "Indiana George" and has that, along with his old college logo (IUPUI Jaguars) tatted on his forearm.

Bitter rivalry

Hill talked about his history of going up against LeBron throughout his playoff career. "It sucked," Hill said. "I don't gotta get put out by him this year. So I'm happy to be on the other side."

Better than any YELP review

In a friendly conversation during Thursday's shoot-around Hill mentioned a few of his favorite spots to eat for traveling Cavs' fans.

The current schedule for the series is as follows:

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