Rock Hall Induction Week gives Cleveland economic boost

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Much as it did during the Republican National Convention, Cleveland is putting it's best foot forward for visitors.

The dollars and cents impact won't be known for some time, however the valuable national exposure and the image the city portrays are just as valuable.

Thousands of people are visiting Cleveland for the Rock Hall induction but many are media members who have voices elsewhere to tell the Cleveland story. 

Sirius XM talked constantly on two channels all day about the rock hall. Howard Stern's producer Baba Booey did a couple of shows, and Stern has talked about coming to introduce Bon Jovi for weeks.

"They're influencers and their gonna tell their networks and that's exactly what we want," David Gilbert of Destination Cleveland said.

David Bryan keyboardist with Bon Jovi was on national radio at the rock hall praising Cleveland.

Many of those without tickets were on the streets today, enjoying the nearly 80 degree Cleveland weather, asking questions about our town and most importantly spending money.

The longer view is important to Gilbert.

"Cleveland has really battled major perception issues for decades and we're finally starting to come out of it and these are the kinds of events that have such a loud national or international mouthpiece that really do make a difference," Gilbert said.

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