Cleveland's University Circle wrestling with flooding issues

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The flooding has been contained for now in University Circle, but the Cleveland neighborhood may not be out of the woods quite yet.

"As you can see we have some water that continue to flow down the streets."

That's what Cleveland 19 reporter Damon Maloney reported while on scene this morning during the height of the water troubles in University Circle.

"The stream came out of its banks a little bit upstream from where this construction site is," said Darnell Brown, Cleveland's Chief Operating Officer. "A reported two to three feet of water washed away the support of that roadway you're looking at. It came down here, washing debris caused this big hole here and literally washed out a sidewalk. Again."

That caused the catch basins to fill up and the water had no place to go but to flood the street.

Crews spent much of the early part of the day cleaning out the drains and catch basins, so the road could be reopened.

There appears to have been some other factors adding to this perfect storm that helped flood Cedar Hill in University Circle.

"We have construction going on here. We'll be talking to Cleveland Heights and Shaker Heights upstream. There were some problems with one of the Shaker Lakes. It's elevation had gone up and I believe somebody may have operated the spillway for it as well and we have construction that's going on down through this area," said Brown.

Water is bubbling up through the already cleaned out drains, meaning more debris is present somewhere in the underground system.  If there's more rain, there will likely be more flooding.

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