East side Cleveland residents concerned about drivers ignoring stop signs on dangerous street

(Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Update: Neighbors who live along Invermere Avenue tell Cleveland 19 news they are seeing more police patrols in the area. Neighbor, Ozz Johnson, said there's been a few times officers have ticketed drivers who are not stopping at the stop signs along Invermere Avenue. The City of Cleveland tells Cleveland 19 news they are working on a plan right now to fix this issue. We will stay on top of this developing story and update you when we get answers.

Neighbors first alerted Cleveland 19 News about a stop sign concern on Invermere Avenue between East 169th Street and East 190th Street.

Pedestrians said they fear they will get hit along Invermere Avenue because drivers aren't stopping at the stop signs and are driving at high rates of speed.

Drivers told Cleveland 19 News that dogs have been killed, and they fear that their kids are next.

Neighbors want help from the city of Cleveland.

We've got calls out to police and city officials with the hope of helping keep these neighbors safe.

Invermere Avenue is the second dangerous street that has been reported to Cleveland 19 News recently. Elsewhere in Cleveland, residents and pedestrians are concerned for their safety when using a crosswalk near the intersection of East 152nd Street and School Avenue.

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