Secret service agent fondly remembers time spent with First Lady Barbara Bush

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - As the nation mourns the loss of the Barbara Bush, a retired U.S. Secret Service agent who served under the former First Lady looks back on the time spent with her.

"She was very easy to be with," says Greg Truhan, a retired agent. "She loved the agents and was very kind to them, and they loved her back."

Truhan detailed a time when Barbara wanted to ensure the security agents were well-fed before departing for their scheduled appointment.

"As I was starting to put the car in gear, Mrs. Bush tapped him [agent in charge] on the shoulder and said, 'Now Jim, did all your agents get something to eat?,'" remembers Truhan.

She then said she would be willing to wait if any of the agents want to have lunch before leaving.

During her years as First Lady, Barbara launched a campaign to help people to learn to read, visited schools, and read to children.

Barbara's passing comes shortly after news that she had declined any further medical treatment following a series of hospitalizations.

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