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Driving Cleveland Crazy: Why is a recently repaved road already eroding? Asking for a friend

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A Cleveland 19 News viewer was having trouble getting answers about what was being done about a 2-year-old rebuilt section of Lorain Road that is already eroding.

It is not the biggest pothole in Cleveland, but it's growing daily and will get worse if ignored.

Can a stitch in time in this case save nine?

Tire after tire hits a certain spot every day. Clearly, it has eroded what appears to be a thin layer of asphalt. 

The bricks from decades ago show through. A review of video from before the project began shows that is exactly what the street looked like when the roughly $8 million rebuild was started.

Cleveland 19 reached out to Cleveland City Councilman Brian Kazy, who was aware of the issue and is checking on the warranty with the construction company. He learned that it was under warranty. So the construction company will fix it in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, cold patch will fill the eroded spot.

He was asked about the permanent repair and said, "No cold patch. It's a dirty word. There's no cold patch going on there. We'll make sure that the construction company actually cuts it out and lays the hot asphalt down."

Now the viewer has an answer.

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