Summit County whiz kids win 2 state championships: Romona's Kids

Summit County whiz kids win 2 state championships: Romona's Kids
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COPLEY, OH (WOIO) - You might someday see a group of Summit County students on the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions.

It's tough to stump them on any questions from math to mythology. These kids from Copley-Fairlawn Middle School just won two state championships this year in the National Academic Quiz Tournament, or "Quiz Bowl."

"I'm very proud of my team, we've all done really well," said 8th grader Stephen Catalano. "It's very impressive,  just going through the season with very minimal losses,"

Their first state title was on April 8, when they beat the defending champions from the Dayton area.

"It was really surprising since they won three years in a row," said 7th grader Ryan Lee. "We were all really shocked but also excited about it."

"At halftime we were up 240 to 45 and they just kept on rolling and the final score was 365 to 215," said coach Sue Korosa, who even laminated that score sheet.

On Saturday, April 14, the team won another state championship.

"It's really exciting winning two state championships, it's also fun bragging to the high schoolers," said 7th grader Rachel Young.

Each student brings something different to the team.

"My specialties are science, history, and mythology," said 6th grader Harrison Rothschild. "I study by going to practices and I use an app called Quizlet."

"I don't have a specialty, I'm an all-around guy," said 7th grader Sam Poole. "I know all the things other people don't know, I know a good bit in every subject."

Next month, the students head to the National competition in Chicago.

"I now it's going to be a lot harder so we're going to have to study harder if we're going to do well," said Lee.

"It's just fun, you're happy when you win and when you lose you still learn from it," said Catalano.

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