Mother helps stage fright daughter 'rise up' during talent show (watch)

Mother helps stage fright daughter 'rise up' during talent show (watch)

A 10-year-old girl, who froze on stage during her school's talent show in Colorado, was helped by her mother during her performance of the song "Rise Up."

Makayla Ferrell started singing Andra Day's lyrics with her mom seated in the audience. She made it partially through the song before her singing faded.

"I knew she knew all the words," said Makayla's mother, Shaye Washington.

Makayla threw her arms in the air, as if she was giving up while the piano continued to play on.

"I just forgot because I was nervous to, like, even sing anymore," said the young performer.

Washington added, "And I don't want her to feel defeated. So, that's when I just stepped in to help her going."

Suddenly, Washington started singing the lyrics for "Rise Up" from the audience, and joining her daughter on stage.

Makayla found her voice and finished the song along with her mother.

"I think she does everything for me. She gets everything for me," says Makayla. "Sometimes I feel like I don't say, don't act like I'm thankful, but I want to be more thankful and thank her."

Washington says the song is sentimental to her. The two moved from Georgia to Colorado after Washington's divorce, and "Rise Up" helped them persevere and adjust to the transition.

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