Fire truck campaign stirs controversy in Sheffield Lake

SHEFFIELD LAKE, OH (WOIO) - What is a Lorain fire truck doing sitting on Lake Road at the corner of Abbe Road in Sheffield Lake?

It is a conversation piece stirring a bit of controversy.

It suddenly appeared on an empty lot owned by a candidate for Judge in Lorain County.

The candidate is Michael Duff who is running against another attorney Jack Bradley.

Duff has a campaign sign on Lake road in front of a small strip across the street from the fire truck.

A strip aptly named Duff corners.

The story however is the truck.

A tipster wondered how it got to the spot since there are tire tracks that show it was driven but no license plate that would allow it to be driven on city streets.

With no plates could it be in violation of a junk ordinance.

We wondered what Duff had planned for the truck.

"We're gonna hang some Duff for Judge signs on it," Duff said.

The viewer felt that would give the impression that in some fashion either the fire department or the city of Lorain was backing Duff.

He says no, he'd fix that by covering up the Lorain markings.

By late afternoon, the job was done and courtesy of a friend he now has a visible campaign sign holder.

Duff said he doesn't know how the truck got there with no plates.

"I'd have to ask my client Don Buchs," Duff said.

Buchs is a client who collects such things and is loaning it to the campaign as an in kind contribution.

Primary election day is still more than two weeks away.

Covering the sign or not election season is silly season.

We'll likely hear more about this.

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