Feud over police gun range causing rift between Avon and Avon Lake

LORAIN COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - There is a simmering feud going on in Avon and Avon Lake.

It has to do with the Avon Police shooting range.

It is located in an industrial and commercial area of the city far from any residential neighborhoods.

The problem is that the noise when officers are shooting can clearly be heard in Avon Lake neighborhoods which are close to the range.

It's far from any Avon homes.

But go north to Avon Lake and you'll hear a lot of noise about the noise.

An Avon Lake woman played cell phone audio that recorded volley after volley of gunfire.

"It is rapid gunfire and goes like I said throughout the whole day and resonates in the house and by outside the house and even with sound defusing headphones that I wear around my home when it's going on.  It's no way to live."

People have campaigned for Avon to limit or eliminate the shooting or at the least use suppressors. 

Avon Mayor Brian Jensen and Avon Lake Mayor Greg Zilka have talked but there is no middle ground so far.

Jensen says that suppressors makes it impossible for officers to qualify.

"The reality of it is even the with suppressors it is just for the long rifles.  So for your handguns you can't qualify with those on."

Jensen fears under trained officers would be put in danger.  Chief Richard Bosley agrees.

The Mayor also says calls come in about the noise when there is no shooting going on.  Usually while roofing is going on at a construction site.

Making matters worse for Avon Lake is the fact that more than Avon officers train there.

As a money saving tactic Avon allows other departments to use the facility.  It is a reciprocal agreements that allow Avon to avoid the costs of using facilities elsewhere for other kinds of training.

There is one bit of progress.

Shooting that used to begin at 8 a.m. in the morning now starts at 9 a.m., a small step, but a start.

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