Husband charged with murder after Hartville woman's mysterious disappearance

Roberta Snider, 70, of Hartville (Source: Hartville Police)
Roberta Snider, 70, of Hartville (Source: Hartville Police)

HARTVILLE, OH (WOIO) - The Hartville Police Department has arrested Philip Snider, 73, and charged him with aggravated murder following his wife's mysterious disappearance, which was reported in January.

Philip Snider, of Hartville, told family he took his wife, Roberta Snider, 70, to Graceland "one last time before she died."

He claimed she passed away in Memphis, Tenn., where he handed her body over to paramedics who confirmed her death and took her away.

According to Hartville Police Chief Larry Dordea, no EMS companies in Tennessee could confirm Snider's account.

There were also reports he told police his wife passed away, prompting him to place her body in the Tennessee River.

Roberta Snider's body has still not been found.

Philip Snider was arrested at a Stark County Burger King, and is being held on a $5 million bond in Stark County Jail.

"I don't think he thought he was going to be arrested because he was kind of enjoying his coffee and he told me that everything was good and everything was 'peachy-keen' to quote him exactly, but his look changed when I told him he was under arrest," said Dordea. "As a police officer, I'm a natural born skeptic I guess. We have to verify information, especially information we receive that doesn't make sense," said Dordea.

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