Clevelanders mark Earth Day by cleaning up hundreds of bags of trash

Today marks the 48th Annual Earth Day.

Millions marked the day around the world with events to raise awareness about the need to reduce the use of plastics.

Here locally, hundreds gathered at events in and around Cleveland to pick up trash and to remind everyone that we only have one earth.

Yogatta Give Back, an organization that combines yoga with volunteering, and Drink Local, Drink Tap, organized a cleanup at Edgewater Beach where dozens worked to pick up trash littering the sand.

"I mean we drink from the water. We have children that play at the beach. We want to make sure that there is nothing harmful, and you can see that there's a lot of plastic lighters, black and mild plastic tips," said Celia Contreras of Lorain.

Volunteers like Jill Boyd were keeping track of what was found.

"I think maybe the dental floss is the most surprising, so far. Probably - there are some other things that I probably wouldn't talk about on here - but yeah - I would say dental floss. I don't know why people would be flossing on the beach, but they are," said Contreras.

In another part of Cleveland, at the Doan Brook and St. Casimir Way Stream Sweep, over two hundred bags of trash were gathered by close to 80 volunteers.

Volunteers hope that everyone will make more of an effort to make sure their garbage ends up in the right place.

"Just pick up. There's trash cans. It's not that hard. Take care of your earth. Take care of it for your children," added Boyd.

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