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Cleveland dirt recycling plant has no occupancy permit; owner defends operation

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The massive dirt pile at ProTerra recycling continues to grow and neighbors aren't very happy about it.

There is another concern about the dirt mound on East 165th Street: the pile backs up to Ginn Academy, and a ball field next door.  

The traffic in and out of ProTerra has been a concern since 2015 when the city of Cleveland first got involved. 

Despite $77,500 in fines levied against the company, little has been paid.

Councilman Michael Polensek points out the business doesn't even have an occupancy permit. 

Cleveland 19 spoke to owner Mike Syzchowski, and inquired about the occupancy permit.

"There's a SWIP permit. We can operate under our SWIP permit. We have to get the full SWIP permit done before we can move on to any other stuff," he replied.

A SWIP permit is a storm water management plan. To Councilman Polensek, that sounds like a stall tactic.

Szychowski says he performs a service as the dirt is a cost savings for contractors. 

He charges a tipping fee to dump here then provides the dirt free to use as filler when the city tears down abandoned homes and fills in basements.

The city was critical of the operation when it responded to a complaint and filed paperwork in February for vehicles not washing wheels when leaving ProTerra. 

The wash pool has now been filled.

A housing court hearing is set for this Thursday to see if yet another notice of violation or fine will be levied.

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