Divers believe they found the oldest discovered shipwreck at the bottom of Lake Erie

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Historians are working to identify a shipwreck in Lake Erie that is believed to be nearly 200 years old.

According to the National Museum of the Great Lakes, researchers are attempting to determine if wreckage, first discovered in 2015, is that of the Cleveland-built "Serpent." Since the wreckage was discovered, possibilities of which shipwreck have been narrowed from from over 200 to three.

The Serpent was built in 1821 and carried cargo for eight years until sinking in 1829. The bodies of Captain Ezra Wright and his brother were discovered on the shore of Lorain County in Oct. 1829.

Historians hope that they can study the ship-building techniques that were used in Cleveland during the 19th century.

To make a final identification, researchers need about 10 days underwater excavating portions of the schooner, which will cost approximately $13,000. To help with funds, the National Museum of the Great Lakes started a fundraising site.

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